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KATO is happy to help you realize a new inspiring environment in which staff perform optimally. The office design of a company gives a message to customers and employees. An inspiring and beautiful office layout ensures higher labor productivity, lower absenteeism and satisfied employees. It can be quite a job to design your office nicely, but also in a practical way. In our showroom you can experience how different office furniture comes into its own in a room. We have a customized interior design solution for every question

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Ergonomically friendly office design

We have a wide range of office furniture, such as conference tables, canteen chairs, lighting, office chairs and lounge furniture. Because our wide range, we can realize the perfect office design. The office layout must be practical, but it is also important that it looks nice. That is why we offer a range of brands so that we can realize the office design for every style and budget. Nowadays it is very important to work ergonomically. A healthy and active attitude promotes the productivity and health of your employees. That is why we have included ergonomic office chairs and adjustable tables in our range. We would be happy to tell you more about it during a consultation. Curious about our recently delivered projects? View our recent projects.

For more than 20 years we have been providing office furnishing at KATO for many different companies. We all know too well that setting up an office is not an easy task. In addition to having to deal with different opinions, you should also immediately think of the lighting, floor covering, management furniture, canteen furniture, partitions, reception furniture, the colors and so on. We can take your work off your hands and help you further!

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