Lease office furniture by KATO office interior and projects!

Setting up an office completely new can cost a lot of money. That is why we offer a lease construction. You can lease your entire office design with us. This way you have much more freedom to purchase furniture and it also makes you a reliable partner for banks and suppliers. The investment costs are spread over the total lifespan of the furniture. As a result, the point at which the office device pays for itself is reached faster. At the end of the lease period you can return, re-lease or purchase the office furniture.

Benefits office furniture lease

  • Investment is spread
  • Competitive prices
  • Personal short lines
  • Creative credit assessments
  • Liquidity available for core business
  • Switch options, always the latest technology

Do you also want to lease office furniture? We offer an operational lease for the business market. We can approve over 80% of our lease requests within 20 minutes.

Questions about leasing office furniture?

Please contact us using the form below or call us directly at 053-4283737.